Infineon launches 650V CoolMOS™ CFD7A for energy-efficient electric vehicle fast charging

Catégorie: Nouvelles de l'industrie Дата: 2023-11-29

【Lansheng Technology News】The accelerated transition to electric vehicles is driving important innovations in vehicle charging systems, which increasingly require more cost-effective, high-performance power electronics. To this end,Infineon Technologies AGrecently launched QDPAK packaging to further expand its 650 V CoolMOS™ CFD7A product lineup. Compared with the well-known TO247 THD device in the industry, the QDPAK packaged product series has the same thermal dissipation capabilities but higher electrical performance, enabling efficient energy utilization in on-board chargers and DC-DC converters.

Efficient and powerful electric vehicle charging systems help reduce charging times, reduce vehicle weight, increase design flexibility and lower the vehicle's total cost of ownership. This new product series complements the existing CoolMOS CFD7A product series by implementing a variety of functions and advantageous features through top and bottom cooling packages. The QDPAK TSC (Top Cooling) package enables designers to achieve higher power density and better PCB space utilization.

The 650 V CoolMOS CFD7A provides several important features that support reliable operation in high voltage applications. Due to reduced parasitic inductance, the device minimizes electromagnetic interference (EMI), ensuring clear signals and stable performance. The Kelvin source pin improves the accuracy of current sensing, ensuring measurement accuracy even under harsh conditions. With creepage distance suitable for high-voltage applications, high current capability up to 694 W and high power dissipation (Ptot) capability at 25°C, the device is a powerful general-purpose device suitable for a variety of high-voltage applications.

The new system design using 650 V CoolMOS CFD7A devices based on QDPAK TSC packaging will maximize the use of PCB space, double the power density, and enhance thermal management through board-level decoupling. This approach reduces system cost by simplifying assembly, avoiding board stacking, and reducing the need for connectors. The power switch reduces thermal resistance by up to 35%, providing superior high power dissipation capabilities over standard cooling solutions.

This feature overcomes the thermal limitations of using FR4 PCBs in bottom-cooled SMD designs, significantly improving system performance. An optimized power loop design places the driver close to the power switch, improving reliability by reducing stray inductance and chip temperature. Together, these features contribute to a cost-effective, robust, and efficient system that is well-suited to modern charging needs.

As announced in February 2023, the QDPAK TSC package suitable for high-power applications has been registered as a JEDEC standard, promoting the widespread adoption of TSC packages in new designs through unified standard package design and footprint. To further accelerate this transformation,Infineonwill also release more automotive-grade devices in QDPAK TSC packages for on-board chargers and DC-DC converters in 2024, such as 750 V CoolSiC™ devices and 1200 V CoolSiC™ devices and more.

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