Infineon launches new PSoC Edge product family, expanding microcontroller product portfolio

Catégorie: Nouvelles de l'industrie Дата: 2023-11-29

【Lansheng Technology News】Infineon Technologies AGrecently announced the launch of a new PSoC™ microcontroller (MCU) product series, PSoC™ Edge. The PSoC™ product portfolio is Infineon's high-performance and low-power security devices based on Arm® Cortex® cores. PSoC Edge is designed for the next generation of real-time responsive computing and control applications and provides hardware-assisted machine learning (ML) acceleration. This new MCU product series lowers the design threshold for human-computer interaction and adds context-aware functions to terminal applications, making terminal products more intelligent, intuitive and easy to use, thereby providing a higher level of end-user experience. At the same time, they also provide powerful privacy and security protection through built-in Infineon Edge Protect embedded technology.

PSoC Edge MCU is equipped with high-performance Arm Cortex-M55 core, including Helium™ DSP enhanced instruction set, Arm Ethos-U55, Cortex-M33 and Infineon ultra-low power NNLite (a proprietary hardware accelerator for acceleration Neural network operations in machine learning and AI applications). This product supports "always-on" sensing and response functions and is suitable for many advanced IoT and industrial applications such as smart homes, security, wearable devices, and robots. This series of products also has ample on-chip storage resources (including non-volatile RRAM) and provides high-speed, secure external memory support. The PSoC Edge family brings rich expansion space to the increasingly complex new generation of intelligent systems, while enabling software reuse and portability.

The PSoC Edge family of microcontrollers is smarter than ever, extending support for advanced graphics, voice, audio and vision applications to the existing PSoC portfolio. This new product enables easy portability of applications within the same semiconductor product family, as well as upgrades to existing designs.

Supported by a range of enabling technologies, developers can leverage the power of PSoC Edge to meet current and future design needs. PSoC Edge accelerates time to market with strong ecosystem partners, comprehensive documentation, and industry-proven ModusToolbox™ software, including integration with Imagimob Studio AI solutions.

ModusToolbox software support

Infineon'sModusToolbox software platform provides a series of development tools, software libraries and embedded real-time runtime resource files to provide developers with a flexible and comprehensive development experience. ModusToolbox supports a wide range of use cases, including consumer IoT, industrial, smart home, wearables and many more.

Imagimob Studio edge AI empowerment

Imagimob Studio is an edge AI development platform integrated into ModusToolbox, enabling end-to-end ML development from data input to model deployment. Various introductory project examples and ready models provided by Imagimob make it easy for users to get started. Pair Imagimob with PSoC Edge Series microcontrollers to deploy state-of-the-art machine learning models at the edge.

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